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This year for Christmas I wanted to work on a project that I've been thinking about for a while. A box of tapes were buried away in a closet in my moms house, mostly because she's the only one who still has a working VCR... For a while its been on my mind to put together a highlight video of  all the great moments that were captured of my brothers and I so they could be enjoyed by us all. 

It was wonderful getting to go back 25+ years to see our family, even getting the opportunity to see faces and hear from people that have now passed away. Its one of my longer videos but there was so much footage to cover :)

I  am just so appreciative that my parents took the time to catch these real life moments so we could enjoy them now as full grown humans :)  

Disclaimer: The early 90's was full of shirtless men when very short shorts (ehem Dad) 

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