Anna Schroeder Visuals
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About Me


I love telling stories through the lens of my camera, so here is a little about mine! I am a photographer that stumbled into my passion for videography somewhere along the way. I have such a love for both mediums and have enjoyed creating a business in both photo and video. 

I am a twenty something Okie from Tulsa, I love where I live. I discovered my love of traveling at a pretty young age and have spent as much time as possible seeing and experiencing (and documenting) all new things. My hope is to continue to find new subjects to shoot and never label myself as one type of photographer. Its been such an amazing journey turning this passion into a career.

For someone to put trust in you, whether to document important moments in their personal lives or creating an image for their business, has truly been a humbling experience. Thanks for investing your time in my work and cheers to all the adventures to come!